How much percentage do Influencer Managers take?

In the dynamic world of influencer marketing, the role of influencer managers is increasingly vital, serving as strategic partners in navigating brand collaborations and maximizing revenue streams. One of the burning questions often raised by both aspiring and established influencers is: how much percentage do Influencer managers take? 

Understanding the percentage that influencer managers charge can be pivotal in assessing the value of their services and making informed decisions about partnership agreements. Let’s talk the nuances of this aspect of influencer management to shed light on what influencers can expect in terms of financial arrangements with their managerial counterparts.

How much percentage do Influencer Managers take
How much percentage do Influencer Managers take

The most common way that us Influencer Talent Managers earn money is via commission. Under this arrangement, me, Johanna Voss, your Influencer Talent Agent earns a percentage of the brand deals that I negotiate. This means my success is very closely tied to my talent’s success. If I don’t close brand deals, I don’t earn any money. 

The commission percentage typically falls within the range of 10% to 20%. Here’s how it works:

When I secure a brand partnership for any one of my clients on my roster, I earn 20% of the deal. This means when I close a deal of $10,000, I earn $2,000 and the talent keeps the remaining $8,000. 

I know of some Influencer Talent Agencies that do a different % rate if the deal comes inbound (direct to the talent) or if the agent has sourced the deal via an outbound pitch. When interviewing a talent agent about working together, be very very clear on how they earn their money. You want to be able to speak openly and honestly with your agent about money from day 1. 

A majority of my time is spent emailing and dealing with inbound requests that are a no or don’t come to fruition. Keep in mind that the 20% that an Influencer Agent earns from a brand deal also covers the time they spend on projects for you that go nowhere. 

If you ever have a  lucrative deal close “easily”, & you think “My Influencer agent didn’t do much on this project, I wish I didn’t have to pay them 20%. They didn’t fully earn this money,” remember all the time we spend on your behalf for no pay.

Kamla Pande of Moondust Management says “I usually position it that having an agent isn’t a “cost” because if they’re not delivering more than their 20% commission in new biz, they’re not right for you. It’s more about reframing the mindset to look at an agent as a business growth driver – not a “cost” for the influencer. Any agent should bring in more than their 15 or 20% cut, meaning if the influencer made $X without an agent, they should make AT LEAST $X + 20%X with one.

In speaking with a lot of other Talent Managers in the industry, I know that I do a lot for my clients for the 20% I earn. 

Pro tip : When interviewing for an Influencer Agent, be very clear on their business model, how they earn their money.

Molly Benton, Executive VP of Cook-It Media says “When working with a talent manager, not only are you getting a partner in the ever-evolving business of influencer marketing, but you’re also getting a teammate who is a true expert in this industry. They know your category niche and they know the influencer business like the back of their hand.

How much does an influencer agent cost
How much does an influencer agent cost

How much do Influencer Managers get paid?

We get paid a percentage of the brand deals we close. That can be anything from $100 to $50,000+ for more successful Influencer Managers. Exactly how much Influencer Managers get paid is dependent on the creator and the value of the brand deals they are offered. 

How do Influencer Management Agencies make money?

Influencer Management Agencies make money by having a roster of talent (ie the Influencers, the creators) and offering services to them such as brand negotiation, contract review, paid project management and more. Some Influencer Management Agencies offer other services such as book agents, podcast production and merchandising. 

Should I hire a Manager as an Influencer?

It depends. Whether or not you should get a manager as an influencer depends on various factors, including your goals, workload, and expertise in managing your career. Are you making over 6 figures annually in paid brand collaborations? Do you have a well defined, clearly established brand?